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Small Pantry Organization
5 Easy Tips for Small Pantry Organization 
December 8, 2023

Are you searching for ideas to create a small pantry organization system in your house? If you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen, you’ll need to get creative to find the space you need. From decluttering to creating space where you need it most, self storage is a valuable tool for all […]

Mover's Guide Roanoke VA
A Ultimate Guide to Living in Roanoke, VA
October 19, 2023

Are you considering living in Roanoke, VA? Often referred to as the “Star City of the South,” nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Roanoke seamlessly combines its rich railroad history with modern amenities, offering residents a high-quality life with a touch of Southern charm. Rent-a-Space offers resources to help you settle into […]

College Storage hero image
Why College Students Should Consider Year-Long Storage
August 4, 2023

Whether you’re an excited freshman or a seasoned senior, navigating the task of managing your personal items during multiple relocations can be daunting. The accumulation of textbooks and essential furniture can make your dorm room or apartment feel congested. Additionally, when the semester ends, deciding what to do with your possessions can be a puzzle. […]

guide Salem VA
Visitor’s Guide to Beautiful Salem, VA
May 24, 2023

Looking forward to exploring your new home in Salem, VA? To help you get the most out of your experience in this exciting new place, Rent-a-Space has put together a convenient guide exploring what makes Salem one-of-a-kind. Get to know your neighborhood, and see what Salem has to offer between local cuisine, historical landmarks, ball […]

Dealing with Pests: How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths
April 20, 2023

How can you get rid of clothes moths in your storage space? Whether you are coming across the bugs in your home storage or self storage rental, you want to take action quickly. Learn how to remove and prevent these pests from infesting your belongings by following Rent-A-Space’s guide on how to get rid of […]

Creating Space With Self Storage feature image
How to Create Space with Rent-A-Space
March 15, 2023

How can you create space around your home with limited storage space? Take control of your home and make space for what matters with Rent-A-Space’s storage solutions. Our team of experts will help you get organized, so that all the stuff cluttering up your house can be stored away safely – no junk in sight! […]

commercial storage tips
Commercial Storage Tips to Help You Stay Organized
February 27, 2023

Are you a business owner in the Roanoke or Salem, VA, area? Rent-a-Space has commercial storage solutions for you—plus commercial storage tips to help you make the most of your rental. Self storage is a valuable and affordable way to organize inventory, equipment, and more. Look through our our top tips below, and then browse […]

basement storage ideas from Rent-a-Space
Get Creative with These Basement Storage Ideas
December 28, 2022

Looking basement storage ideas to help create more space around your home? Rent-a-Space in Virginia has the perfect fix to turn any cramped basement into a spacious dream. We have tailored solutions that will organize and maximize your space, regardless of whether it’s finished or unfinished. Wave goodbye to clutter and get ready to implement […]

college storage
Common College Storage Mistakes
July 8, 2022

The end of a school year can be hectic. You’ve finished your exams for the semester and you’re looking forward to heading home, but where should you store your dorm room’s belongs? Look no further than Rent-A-Space Secure Storage in Roanoke and Salem, Virginia. This facility provides affordable state college storage units to the greater […]

How to Find Houses to Flip
Tips to Find Affordable Houses to Flip
June 24, 2022

Starting a house-flipping journey isn’t easy but Rent-A-Space is here to help! Follow our guide as we show you how to search and find affordable homes to flip. How to Find Houses to Fix Up & Flip Research the Area Well One of the first steps in the process is to research the area. Create […]