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Dealing with Pests: How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How can you get rid of clothes moths in your storage space? Whether you are coming across the bugs in your home storage or self storage rental, you want to take action quickly. Learn how to remove and prevent these pests from infesting your belongings by following Rent-A-Space’s guide on how to get rid of clothes moths. 

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Your Storage

Identifying the Clothes Moths and Their Damage

Clothes moths are small pests that can be found in the materials of clothing items. They feed on animal fibers such as wool, feathers, silk, leather, and other synthetic fabrics. If you notice small holes in the fabric, they have probably been inhabited by clothes moths. Unfortunately, clothing items are not the only things that clothes moths can get to. Pillows, comforters, drapes, carpets, rugs, and blankets are other items that are at risk. As you go through your belongings, ensure that you fully examine your items for clothes moths. They prefer to inhabit dark and humid environments so if your room has poor lighting or does not have a strong ventilation system, it is possible for clothes moths to breed there. If you are interested in learning more about clothes moths, click here

Cleaning Your Space

Once the clothes moths have been identified, we recommend spending time cleaning your space and removing all of the items that have been infested by clothes moths. Any damaged items or belongings with many lingering clothes moths should be thrown away. You will want to ensure that they are placed in a trash bag and out of your space so they do not find their way back. Next, spend time organizing the remaining belongings and remove any clutter or extra items that do not need to be stored in this space. If your space has a carpet or rug, vacuum it to remove any accumulated dirt. Once these steps have been completed, your space should be clean and moth-free. 

Preventing Clothes Moths

Although the clothes moths have been removed, you will need to take some preventive measures to keep them away. One of the main methods in keeping your space clothes moth-free is to regularly clean the area. We recommend creating a cleaning schedule to remove any excess dirt or dust that has accumulated in the room. Wiping down flat surfaces and objects in the room will also contribute to keeping the room clean. If your space does not have lighting, try installing a lamp as a form of keeping the clothes moths away. If your room can stay well ventilated, that will also help significantly. 

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