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Commercial Storage Tips to Help You Stay Organized

Are you a business owner in the Roanoke or Salem, VA, area? Rent-a-Space has commercial storage solutions for you—plus commercial storage tips to help you make the most of your rental. Self storage is a valuable and affordable way to organize inventory, equipment, and more. Look through our our top tips below, and then browse through our available storage units online to find your storage space today!

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Commercial Storage Tips: Support for Your Business

1. Plan Ahead

When you are planning your next move—whether you are growing, downsizing, or shifting locations—start thinking about what items you will need to store and how much space you will need. What kinds of items would you prefer to store in your office or shop, and what kinds of items can be packed away in storage for a while? Do those items require additional amenities for long-term protection? You can check out our online storage calculator for a storage unit size recommendation, based on the number of items you are hoping to store.

2. Utilize Shelving for Large Loads

In order to make the most of self storage space you are renting, you can add shelving units. Stack your boxes higher with the extra support, and use the shelves to store boxes by categories, so you can easily find items later. Don’t risk stacking boxes containing fragile items.

3. Use Appropriate Storage Containers

Depending on the types of items you are planning to store, bins might be a better solution than boxes. Airtight bins can help to keep out extra humidity and protect against moisture-related damages. If you are storing documents, electronics, or fabrics, airtight is the way to go. Look into our indoor and temperature-controlled storage units to see if they are right for your situation!

4. Label Everything

Make sure to label all of your containers with information such as the contents and the date it was stored. This will make unpacking a breeze and make it easier to locate specific items in your storage unit.

5. Inspect Your Storage Unit Regularly

Rent-a-Space has secure facilities with recording cameras, fenced perimeters, and gate access. Even so, you want to visit your storage unit periodically to check on your items and make sure there are no issues. Look for damages, and report any issues to our office immediately.

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Do you think renting commercial storage is the right next step for your business? Contact the Rent-a-Space storage facility closest to you to see how we can support your business. Our storage experts are happy to walk you through your options and answer any questions you might have about Rent-a-Space or renting storage.

We also offer online storage rentals, so you can look at your different storage options on your own time. Renting or reserving your storage unit takes only a few clicks. Check out our two Roanoke locations and our Salem location to find your self storage solution today! We have indoor and outdoor storage units to fit any situation. Our helpful self storage tips can guide you on the right path to finding the ideal size and features for your securing your belongings. See how Rent-a-Space can assist you through moves, long-term storage, and so much more.

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