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Storage & Packing Tips

Our helpful tips will make your storage experience a smooth process.

  • Make sure to clean all appliances and use the inside for storage; leave fridge and freezer doors ajar to avoid mold and mildew.
  • Do not store combustible items, such as oil, gas, cleaning fluids, paint, etc.
  • Do not store dry goods – i.e. pet food, birdseed, rice, beans or other food items.
  • Ventilate your space by leaving air space at walls.
  • It is wise to put cardboard and/or plastic under your goods.
  • Wrap dishes individually, cushion all sides of the box.
  • Cover upholstered furniture with old sheets, shower curtain or a plastic cover available in our store.
  • Stand mattresses, sofas and mirrors on their end. Store tables upside down and pack books flat.
  • Oil metal items lightly, such as, garden tools to keep them sharp and from rusting.
  • Store your needed items towards the front of the unit and other items towards rear of the unit that you are less likely to get out.
  • Label all boxes and tape them closed to protect them from dust.
  • Packing supplies, such as boxes can be purchased from the Rental Office!
Young woman preparing to move at Rent-A-Space, Inc. in Davidson